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Project Proposal on Intel’s Vaunt Smart Glasses

Updated: Oct 14, 2018

Intel's Vaunt Smart Glasses is designed with multiple sophisticated softwares like all the features you find in a smartphone to display for viewing in the glasses such as Navigation, Alexa, Yelp reviews, and more. That sparked an interest with the fact I always wondered since the military developed something like this long ago for their special ops training and information feed they needed on the field and base.

Could this be something that maybe one day, will there be glasses that could provide live automated closed captions or subtitles that will display within the glasses for people who can't hear or hear well? With the military and Vaunt's demand for sophistication and the glasses being "smart," should they be able to include the feature where the glasses could possibly focus on the target where I want to pick up the voice to translate into captions/subtitles? Is this possible? All I care for is the captions, that's what matters the most and would supply us so much in our daily lives by simply subtitling the person's conversation with you. Not include all the other features like a smartphone.

Submitted project proposal to The Verge & Intel Corporation. This could be an incredible breakthrough for the deaf & hard of hearing people!


Katie Ahlfield


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